Build a better journey

Projtools project management integrates stakeholders, digitalization and sustainability in a coordinated effort to avoid the setbacks of traditional construction. Our difference is in our proprietary approach to addressing challenges and opportunities in all four project phases—streamlining a more transparent, collaborative and accountable workflow that yields positive outcomes with fewer surprises.

Change you’re ready for

Changes in construction projects are as inevitable as they are disruptive. Our process front-loads change management into early planning and design. That means assessing and planning to avoid as many changes as possible during execution and delivery. While also creating plans to mitigate the impact of changes, and the further changes they cause—something traditional project management doesn’t make the time or budget for.

Building sustainably together

Solving conflicts to come before they have a chance to manifest sounds like common sense, but is rarely prioritized. Yet we view it as critical to a sustainable process, even more so on projects stretching over longer periods. The Projtools method focuses on aligning the interests of contractors and owners. Facilitating communication between all stakeholders regardless of their role. And empowering managers and decision-makers to excel with less stress, conflict and wasted time and effort.

Digitalization that works

From our founding in 2006, we’ve been driving adoption of digitalization tools and strategies for optimizing construction projects. We believe digitalization is a cornerstone of building new ways forward, and know from experience the positive impact the right digital solution can have on planning, day-to-day project advancement, operational oversight and document production and transfer. We have developed unique competence in finding or partnering in the development of innovative digital tools. And in knowing when and how to leverage them.

Partner with confidence

Projtools may be the new face of construction management, but our team has a long history of seeing large projects through, with extensive collective experience of how things work—or should—in this industry. We know where the bottlenecks are. And we’ve been there when the pressure’s on during execution and delivery. That experience coupled with our unique management model enables us to optimize processes in sometimes unexpected, but always insightful, effective and appreciated ways.