Rebooting construction

The construction industry can realize more of its potential to positively impact economies, sustainability, and people. But only if it addresses its inefficiencies as honestly as other industries.

At Projtools, we believe that starts with a bold rethink of project management. And we believe many of our partners feel the same way.

Inspiring better building

The traditional project management model asks us to accept methodology we all know is flawed—just because that’s the way it’s always been done. It’s stressful, and inefficient, and conflict-ridden. And typically, it leaves you on a predictable journey to problems and vulnerabilities that likely include productivity, cost, and schedule setbacks.

Projtools instead models our approach to overcome the inertia of traditional project management—optimizing the tools, ideas, and processes around ways to lessen the negative impacts of changes and conflict. We’re a tool for effecting change that makes work rewarding, lowers costs, and leads to results that match all stakeholders’ ambitions.

Forward together

Constructions get finished. But if they could be finished the right way, on time, and on budget with fewer expensive and frustrating detours, the result would be a more efficient project. Leading to a more efficient industry. Contributing to smarter cities, better sustainability, and stronger economies.

That’s why we’re committed to setting the industry-wide standard of accountability, transparency, and collaboration that will accelerate sustainable building.

And to achieving it with you.